A bit about me…

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I’m a dry humored, sarcastic, smart-ass, Arizona Native (who would prefer to live somewhere with 4 actual seasons), home-body (yes I get the irony there) wife, mother (who will continue to be 30 until my kids are), friend, confidant, REALTOR ® Extraordinaire (which is a really hard job), Taco chef, martini, beer and Wine aficionado (please refer to really hard job/mother/wife), Interior designer, painter, floor layer, whip cracker and project manager (for my husbands construction company), Real Estate investor,slave driver (according to my minions), party planner, chauffeur, travel agent, roadtripper, bargain hunter, chalk painter, chandelier enthusiast… and in my spare time… I sleep.

I may have been born in Phoenix, but I live here now by force. My husband believes we should live in the same state, and refuses to fund my escape to higher ground. To help fund my escape, click here. One day, I will live in a place where it rains and snows, flowers grow in spring, being outside doesn’t make you smell like dog, and you don’t confuse all the houses when driving down your own street.

I stay up too late every night, but I do not get up with the sun. Just know that if you call me too early, I will be ignoring your call before I even know it’s you.  I am better communicating on Facebook, Instagram, text and email, because if you get me on the phone, I will talk your ear off.  I am neck deep in work, kids, husband and home… I fail at touching base with all my friends, unless on Facebook.  But I love you all the same!

The point of my site is to use humor as my therapy so that I don’t have to spend so much money on alcohol. I think life is better if viewed through funny glasses… figuratively, but also literally as well.


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