Who am I… and why do you care?


I’m a dry humored, sarcastic, smart-ass, Arizona Native, home-body, wife, mother (who will continue to be 30 until my kids are), friend, confidant, REALTOR ® Extraordinaire (which is a really hard job), Broker/Owner, Mentor, Education addict, Taco chef, martini, beer and Wine aficionado (please refer to really hard job/mother/wife), Interior designer, painter, floor layer, whip cracker and project manager (for my husbands construction company), Real Estate investor,slave driver (according to my minions), party planner, chauffeur, travel agent, road-tripper, bargain hunter, chalk painter, chandelier enthusiast… and in my spare time… I sleep.

I am a real estate agent with a passion for learning and leading. I run a small boutique brokerage, which opened in January of 2017, by accident…. long story.  I have enjoyed helping many buyers and sellers, navigate the complications of the contract and all the landmine’s they may have encountered, but along the way I discovered something else. My passion for the laws, the contracts… every little intricacy involved in buying a selling… wasn’t shared as passionately with my clients, as it was with my agents. I have discovered that my favorite part of my business is helping other agents, and more clients, by doing so. Whether you’re new to this business, or have been chuggin along for 20 years, there’s always something new to learn, every day. If you don’t have time for me to talk your ear off, feel free to browse this site. Maybe you’ll find something of use. Just remember… always, always, always TALK TO YOUR BROKER before taking another agent’s or broker’s advice.


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