Drawing plans and the near death experience

2014-08-19 17.05.45

He’s a smart ass.

Compromise has never been our strong suit. We’ve always been better at negotiating with each other.  Negotiations get rough when you’re starting from the dirt. We’ve searched through thousands of home plans available on various websites. I wanted a basement, or second story. Todd only wanted a 1 story. I want a larger house. Todd wants it to be cheap to build.

Since we’ve owned our piece of land, we’ve bought trees, doors and decor… but we’ve not been able to put together an actual floor plan, and we kind of have to have that in order to start this whole thing.

In resolving our main road dilemma, we came up with a great concept. We decided to build our house around the backyard. Essentially bringing the outside in, with a courtyard. Since architects are expensive, we had to get things started oursleves. We started with a simple floor plan we found online altering it in Paint and Photoshop. (cause that’s how we roll)  We took attributes, like doors and window and moved them around on, essentially a stick figure floor plan. The hardest part has been figuring out how the roof line works out with our new plan. We felt like we should get HOA approval of our plans before we invested in blue prints, but in order to do that, we need an image. Creating a floor plan was easy compared to creating an elevation image from scratch. I wanted it to kinda look like the house… Todd wanted it to look EXACTLY like the house.

So FINE… I spent a good 24 hours creating and recreating a front elevation that would be acceptable to my dear perfectionist husband. As it turns out, my photoshopped plans even fooled our architect who assumed that we had purchased a premade set of plans with the intention of him altering them. So… ok. What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger, and in the end, I’ll chalk up him being a jack ass that weekend, to him pushing me to be better. It’s what we do. 🙂

The plan is for our house to look something like this. (yes, I put it right on the image of our actual lot)  We still have to add to our side yard, but you get the jist. Yes, that is a chandelier in there.

Front Elevation to Scale

He wants it to be realistic… Fine…

Front Elevation to Scale with plants

I can be a smart ass too… realistic enough?

Insert big weeping willow to the Right. 🙂



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