The Pinterest People are Full of it

I saw a Pinterest a while back where someone made a chandelier out of bottles. WOW! I want to do that! It was so easy. Simply soak a piece of twine in kerosene, wrap it around the bottom of the bottle, and then light on fire. When you dunk  the bottle into cold water, the bottle will snap evenly all around.  Duh, simple! So, I think that was a year ago… cause as we do, we put a ‘pin’ in it and save the project for later. Well… I like to make pretty things, so I want to start DOING the pins. Also, I think it’s best to do these experiments WITH wine.


My daughter comes out this evening with a ball of twine. “Hey! I want to try something” says I. 😀

I had seen the same pinterest experiment with twine soaked in nail polish remover. I have the nail polish remover and she had the twine… right there! Let’s do this!

So,  we collected the supplies. A bowl for the nail polish remover, twine, wine bottle, bowl of cold water and just for good measure, a metal pan to set the flaming bottle of wine on… cause safety.

2014-11-23 20.52.52 2014-11-23 20.52.57 2014-11-23 20.54.54


2014-11-23 20.53.02

We wrapped the nail polish soaked twine around the bottle and carefully lit it on fire. A very anti-climactic flame went out pretty quick. We dunked it in the cold water and BOOM.  Nothing.2014-11-23 20.53.26

We tried that again. Still, nothing.

Maybe we just had the wrong string. So we tried that thin stuff between string and yarn… that you make friendship bracelets with.   That resulted in a bigger let down. Much less flame.

2014-11-23 21.07.23

Luckily, we were able to find some kerosene, so we tried the stringish stuff in kerosene. YAY, much bigger flame. Also, the experiment was successful-ish, if the goal were simply to break into the bottom of the bottle. Possibly if you were to wonder what that bump on the bottom of the bottle actually looked like. Smooth edge? I think not.

2014-11-23 21.07.45 2014-11-23 20.53.48 2014-11-23 21.05.31 2014-11-23 21.05.39

Since up till now, we’d been lighting the bottle on fire while at a safe distance… we decided (I being the ‘we’)  that maybe ‘we’ should keep the flames going along the line of the string and not going up, as clearly the heat should be concentrated on that line. Yep… that’s obviously it. Problem solved.

New bottle!!

We also decided to try yarn in kerosene. I mean, that was the first option I saw, and it worked flawlessly. I saw the pretty chandeliers made of crystal bottles…. This is the one.

I soaked the yarn in Kerosene and carefully   wrapped it around the bottle. This will be the one, so I want it to be perfect.  We lit the yarn on fire and let the flames reach around the bottle. Once we were sure it was good and hot, we dunked it in the water. Another anti-climactic nothing.  Maybe we just didn’t let it get hot enough.

2014-11-23 21.08.392014-11-23 21.08.47 IMG_20141123_211303

Second attempt, we let the fire get bigger… as in smoke alarm going off, bigger flames. The flames were nearly out when I dunked the bottle into the water.




2014-11-23 21.05.55

The Pinterest people are full of shit. Damn it.

I now have 2 broken bottles, a screaming house, bowl of dirty water with glass shards, and I’m covered in kerosene which is by far the best smell I can think to smell like.   I need to figure this one out. Come one Pinterest people… how did you REALLY do it?

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