Stupid, Useless Flu Shot

We’ve all seen in the news, the story about how ineffective the 2015 flu shot is, right? Overall, it’s about 23% effective. Plus, if you’re between the ages of 19-49, it’s even LESS effective.  But according to the news, everyday… we should all go out and get it anyway. Why?! Because there are millions of dollars spent on the useless flu shot, and profits cannot be made if people don’t get the shot. Doctors offices, Insurance companies, big pharmaceuticals, politicians… everyone has their hand in that cookie jar. The flu shot is a joke. I used to get the flu every year. Coincidentally, I also got the flu shot every year. The last time I had the flu was in 2008. We had just moved from Arizona, to Massachusetts, in January. We drove through the worst blizzard of the time, in Buffalo NY, and the heater went out on my husbands car (we drove 2). He got sick, than I got sick, the kids got sick, then he got sick…and so on. Well, enough was enough. This was my first REAL winter and I wasn’t about to spend the entire time sick!… (to give some perspective, we’re back in AZ, this is the same time of year and I’m wearing a tank top with the doors open.)

Now, I’m not a doctor, I don’t pretend to know everything. (well… not in this matter) All I know is that with a little research, I found my 2 favorite vitamins for winter. I even still take them to this day, every winter. They are Oregano oil (capsules) and Vitamin D3 (also a liquid capsule). I read an article about D3 being a cure all for illnesses. Now, maybe that’s a stretch, but it worked for our flu’s. We all took the oregano and D3 every night. I cooked with pure oregano oil in stews and spaghetti. I even did steaming Oregano oil for chest congestion. (inhaling the steam) That natural antibiotic works wonders!!

Recently I’ve added an addition to our nightly vitamin routine. According to my naturpathic doctor, Elderberry is even better than Oregano. In the past 6 years, we’ve seen the winters come and go, and stayed well. It could just be a coincidence… because like I said, I’m not a doctor.  But if you ask me, this 23% chance of not getting the flu after putting the toxic vaccine in my body isn’t great odds. I’ll stick with what has worked for years, and if I feel something coming on, I’m going to double my vitamins and push through… as THAT has worked 100% of the time for us.

Parent note… I also believe that kids immune systems HAVE to be worked. I was never a mom that freaked out over every 5 second rule they broke, or when they went to school with kids that were sick. The only way to have a strong immune system, is to work it out. That being said… I do let my kids get sick. I give them the vitamins they need to get well faster, but I don’t have them take all of these to prevent it, their systems need to learn to fight it off.

And here is a picture of a cat… because every blog post needs a picture.

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