It’s Ours! Yay-ish

Well, today went the same as the other days in this transaction. Escrow emailed me to let me know that we would be recording on the property today. That was at 6am… I’ve done this a few times, so by noon when I hadn’t heard anything, I thought I’d check. Yep…. we recorded. So I decided to let Title know.  This should typically go the other way around…. but life is hard when your head is up your ass…. I forgive them, I don’t have to work with them again.

Since the property manager had installed an electronic lock, I was a little concerned that they’d be removing it and our new house would be exposed. So I drove over to the home to change the lock. On the way, I received an email with instructions on how to change the lock… cool, even better.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the combo to get in, so the girl and I stood in the heat for 15 minutes while we sat on hold, and then I was grilled for every bit of information I could possibly give to the guy on the other line.
Guy: “What’s the Address”

Me: “XXXXX Detroit St”

Guy:”I need the whole street name and the city.”

Me: “Ok…XXXXX WEST Detroit St… Chandler”
(Mind you, I’ve already give him the MLS # and he’s already looked to see that it’s closed,verifying my name, email, phone, license number, blood type etc)

Guy: “What’s the Zip code”

Me: “85XXX”

Guy: “are you sure?”

Me: “Yes”

Guy: “and it’s in Detroit?”

Me: “No, it’s ON Detroit St in Chandler”

Guy: “But that’s Detroit Michigan Right?”

Me: “No… again, it’s IN Chandler AZ… ON Detroit St  …. as in it’s friggin HOT right now and I’m standing in the sun waiting for you to give me 3 little numbers.”

So, we get in the home and it turns out that the instructions for the lock, aren’t to THIS lock. Now I either have to call these people back up to get that combo again, because I have the memory of a beta fish, or go get a new lock.
So, we go to walmart (because being stuck in traffic for an hour, then standing in the heat talking to a moron wasn’t fun enough) and get a lock.

2016-08-19 15.48.10

The house is now secured… And there it will sit for a while, because I don’t know what the hell we were thinking buying another project home in the middle of the blazing hot summer!?

2016-08-19 15.55.55


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