Dear Samsung, you’re an asshole

I don’t know… I wrote the title and for a second, I felt that was probably all I needed to say. But I never was very good at relaying my message in only a few words.

Dear Samsung, The way you’ve handled this Note 7 crap has been ridiculous! I’ve been a huge advocate for Samsung for a while now.  I’ve owned a samsung phone ever since I gave up blackberry nearly 10 years ago, I have memory cards, computers, appliances, smart watches, tablets  etc…

I recently gave up my Note 3 for the Note 7. I usually never buy the most recent, up to date phone. Normally, I wait for the release to be old news, let the kinks get worked out first. But this time, I decided that I would throw caution to the wind, after all, I have so much faith in their product, and surely the kinks will be worked out in an update

I loved my Note… I run my business from my phone, so it’s important to me to have a phone that works, is reliable and that I can multitask with a larger screen.

Shortly after trading in my phone, we were alerted to the exploding battery. I spoke to a representative at Verizon and was informed that it was only a few cases, and if I wasn’t having any issues, I would probably be fine keeping my phone. There was also an option to trade it in on a J-series until the 7 replacement came out. I decided to wait till the replacement came out. Reluctantly, I took my phone in and exchanged it for the new phone. This alone was a hassle as I had to continuously go in to the Costco where I bought it to find out when the phones would be in. After the 5th visit, I was told that it was in… but since I didn’t have the box and cords etc, I couldn’t exchange it.  Something I found to be ridiculous… I only needed the new phone. What if I was a normal person and threw the box away? After being told that I could go to any costco to make the exchange, I decided to go to the one closer to me. After waiting in line for 20 minutes I was turned away, told that I needed to go to the store I bought it at.  This is ridiculous… but I went. I returned my phone and bought the new 7… And as most business owners, I had PLENTY of time to waste while the guy with Verizon uploaded all of my information to the new phone… 1 hr later, I had 17 emails, 2 voicemails and 5 texts to respond to.  To make it up to me, Samsung promised that I would get a $25 gift card. Which, I was only recently notified that I needed to go to Samsung for that… Why was there no instructions available in all the emails, texts and calls I got about the phone.  At this point, seeking out that $25 is a waste of my time.

Now, it turns out, Samsung jumped the gun again and is still having issues with the battery exploding (or rather, just burning) So, once again, I’m not only expected to go back in to the store and go through the hassle of returning my phone and getting a new one… but the kicker is, they won’t even exchange it for another Note, unless I downgrade to the Note 5. Really Samsung? Verizon? I had to send you my Note 3, I can’t just go back to my old phone for a while, and now, not only can I not have the phone I want, but I have to now settle on a permanent fix.  We aren’t allowed to exchange it for a temporary phone until this can be sorted out, so I have to buy a different phone. Well, guess what Samsung, it won’t be one of yours. You have now officially lost me as loyal customer. I’ll be taking my business to a different technology company.  Had you at least offered us a reasonable temporary option, maybe I wouldn’t be leaving you, but I don’t want the galaxy phone, I need a large screen. I don’t want to go back, by downgrading to the 5… and since you won’t even honor the swap for long enough for us to wait for the 8… I’m leaving you. This was handled SO badly!

And PS. Your fridge sucks too!

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