We are the Jones Crew

It’s been so long since our whirlwind began, I can’t even remember when it started.  I remember there once was a time when I watched soap operas during the day while babies napped. I remember there where days when I actually got into the gym for a couple hours (the daycare they provided might have been the cause of that), I also remember cooking for hours to make great homemade meals.

That shit’s gone!

Maybe it started when we moved to Prescott for 6 months to renovate a house. Maybe it started when we lived in Massachusetts and rebuilt a burned down house. Maybe it was when I got my real estate licensed and realized my passion for houses. I don’t remember when it began, but at some point our lives became just busy. We aren’t occasionally busy. We don’t go through periods of ‘crazy busy’ to end up on a beach relaxing somewhere. Our times to ‘relax on the beach’ is normally 2 hours during a quick 48 hr ‘vacation’ meant to see family before our next whirlwind starts.

But  even though we may feel like we’re on the brink of insanity… our lack of ‘slow down’ really is our own doing. It’s who we are… we’re the Jones Crew.


Who are we?

The Todd, otherwise known as “The Male”, is a General Contractor and Electrician/Lighting extraordinaire. He’s a perfectionist and master at all the trades. He can’t seem to find people to work to his standards, so he usually has to perfect his craft by re-doing what others have done. This is why his wife doesn’t take on many of the jobs… it’s for his own survival purposes. Our contractor savant is a master at problem solving and thinking outside the box. This comes in handy since he is frugal as all hell. We have parts in storage that even neanderthals would scauff at. I believe we may still have the worlds first microwave ever made in storage right now. And if I know my husband, who fears wasted space, there are probably washers, hoses, clamps and other parts inside that microwave… just in case. If I dare to throw anything away, it must be done under the cover of night, preferably when he’s working late, and I have driven to a dark alley across town to find a random trash. Otherwise, the item I believe to be trash, will reappear some day. Not that it hasn’t come in handy a few times… but we’re still waiting for a use for that 1970’s microwave.

He may not be very elaquent when he talks, his favorite position is the ‘foot in mouth’ position. He has also been working on his sarcasm skills and PDA tolerance as he’s married to someone with a dry sense of humor, who loves to kiss on his face, but he apparently believes that he will be struck down in a blazing fire if people see him being affectionate. But don’t let his lack of PDA fool you. When no one is looking, he’s a snuggler. Cause #welove

The Lady (that’s me) is a Realtor Extraordinaire. I fell in love, right out of High School, immediately went on to create some pretty cool people (the girl and the boy) and have been trying to train the male in the art of sarcasm for the last couple decades.  Or, at the very least train him to understand when I’m being sarcastic.  I have a dry sense of humor, speak sarcasm fluently and have bitchy resting face. Combine that with a stressful career, 2 kids and hell fire temperatures in our lovely summers and well…nough said.

When I’m not working for my own clients (and sometimes when I am), I’m helping my husband on some of our own projects. The construction business is not a strenuous on me, as most of my tasks include holding flashlights, making sure things are level, fetching lunch and the occasional bag of mortar. When things get really exciting I get to tile, pull wire, paint, drill or clean up.  But it all comes with the best part. The shopping. 🙂 My specialty is shopping, and accommodating the males frugalness.

We are both very creative with this business, and even though it started out of necessity to save money. Now a days, it’s not as much about saving money as it is about reusing things that people toss out, bringing life back to quality stuff, and realizing you’ve made something really great, surprising everyone.

The Girl is determined to adult before I’m ready and is wiser and more mature than most of the adults in our house. One of our hardest working crew members for sure, she definitely has the Jones work ethic… and at times, the sarcasm.  She is an old, romantic soul, who loves the antiques, the history behind homes. She’s creative, but reserved. Her style is old world, classic, and she prefers muted colors and mustard yellow.  When she’s not helping organize our projects or helping install wood flooring, she’s found studying in her room. Her goal is to earn a full ride scholarship to the college of her dreams. She’s been informed that the college of her dreams is close to home.

The Boy, keeps us wondering. Although he prefers to hold down his bed, keeping an eye on his gaming system. He is often forced to do boring things, like sweep or rake.  He can moan and groan like the males other employees, except when this little dude gets to do the real work, he’s ALL in. Give him a broom, he’ll sweep almost an entire room in a day… but give him a sledge hammer and he’ll knock out the demo on 3 bathrooms, a wet bar and a good amount of drywall in a few hours time. As long as you have someone on payroll to clean it all up.  This little dude is a big thinker, just like his dad. His wheels visibly turn in that little red head of his and at times, he’s been known to spit out the resolve to our problems.  Other times, his brilliance is wasted on coming up with an excuse that mom will buy into, as to why he can’t possibly clean that dish any better. Dads the easy one… mom can see past anything. 😉

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