Meeting my Sell with Soul Mate

About 3 years ago I was referred to read a book, Sell With Soul. I was told that it was right up my alley, but I didn’t know what that meant. I don’t often take the time to read, but I took my car in to get a detail one day and with an hour on my hands, I cracked open a book that would change my life! Page after page I would say (out loud) “Omg, exactly!” Line after line, the lady got me, she said all the things I was thinking. All of the annoying things that was regularly shoved down my throat as an agent, such as…. why you should set boundaries… “you wouldn’t call your CPA at 7pm or on a Sunday” “You wouldn’t try to negotiate your fee with an attorney, would you?” *Gag*…. As if right out of my head, the book points out that we are not CPA’s or lawyers! The licensing and the education is NOT the same. THANK YOU! We agree to get paid on the contingency of a sale. We are not the same as the Lawyer.
don’t answer your phone after hours or work on weekends” – Which is great if you have plenty of money and no enthusiasm for your trade. If you don’t have passion enough to answer your phone, you’re in the wrong business.” (Exactly my thought… I TRY to not answer my phone late at night, but you know what… I LIKE talking to my clients, even if it is late) I try not to work on my days off or at a party, but I could be half asleep, if someone says ‘house’ I’m going to talk your ear off. I LOVE my field.

Examples of “Time Wasters” as described by most real estate agents.
1. working with unqualified buyers
2. talking to renters
3. showing a listing to an already-represented buyer (calling from a yard sign)
4. Preparing a CMA for someone who wants to move “some time next year”
5. Having lunch with friends that already know lots of real estate agents
6. Helping an acquaintance appeal her tax assessment.
Well, in this fogie’s humble opinion, there’s NO SUCH THING as wasting time in your first year if you’re doing something that puts you in front of a warm body and/or teaches you about the RE market you’re in.

1. Isn’t every buyer unqualified until they meet someone they trust to handle their largest investment?
2.  I started my career helping renters, and to this day… I will still help you if you need to rent. No, there is no money in it for us, but it’s not always about the money.
3. Isn’t selling our listing priority? It’s even better if the buyer has representation, in my opinion… less stress on me. 
4.  Wouldn’t you want to know what your home is worth today if you knew you were going to move next year? Would an agent that doesn’t see you as ‘worth the time’ be someone you’d want to work with next year? Not for me!
5. I don’t care how many agents you know. I know you will do business with the person you’re comfortable with and that’s important. Maybe I don’t want to do business with you… doesn’t mean I won’t go to lunch. And for the record… I go to lunch with other agents too… and I’ve received business from them. Relationships, especially quality ones, are not a waste of time, ever.
6.Really? If your friend won’t help you with advice in their field… they’re not a friend. 

The Elevator Speech
Everyone preaches that you need to have a 30 second schpeal that will make someone want to work with you.
Hmmmmm… I’m trying to think of the last time I heard someone brag about themselves and I was so impressed that I asked for their card.

Uhm EXACTLY! I LOATHE the elevator speech. Who cares!?

(enough examples)
My favorite part focused on the nonsensery of EVERY. SINGLE. REAL. ESTATE. CLASS. telling you one thing… LEAD GENERATE. I hate it, I am uncomfortable with the sales pressure and I absolutely refuse to do it. I’m not a used car salesman, I am matching PEOPLE with HOMES. This is where LIFE happens, it’s not a luxury trinket from a big box store! My thinking was that if someone knew me, knew that I was a good person and would only look out for their best interest, and (This is key) knew my shit… They would likely use me if the need arose. I believed that the golden rule would apply. Treat others the way you would want to be treated, and I will do anything to avoid sales tactics. As I read through an entire section of her book based on the same theory, I began to feel such a kinship with this amazing woman. She was in my head! I would read excerpts to my husband in excitement every day. (which I’m sure he loved) He asked me later, “why don’t you just write a book” To which I replied… “why? it’s all here… every thought, it’s already written out”. Not only are there several books, but there are blogs, teleseminars, classes, networking, etc. Every word coming from logic, common sense and the golden rule. How would you want to be treated? Do that… duh.

Over the years, I’ve tried to think of how I could convince every real estate agent to follow the Sell With Soul Method. (well, except those that truly just love the hard sale and “lead Gen” time. Love you guys… just not for me.) I’ve been a part of the SWS network for over a year, and I’ve had many conversations with this amazing woman that I admire so much. THIS is not only how I run my business, but it’s how I want my Brokerage to run.

In January, after a tough year had come to an end, Jennifer reached out to me and said that she would be in Phoenix to visit her sister for her 50th birthday, and she wanted to connect with me. I was beyond excited and my brain has been in a whirlwind, just waiting for this day. I finally met this amazing woman, in person. This woman who changed my life, who gave my ‘opinions’ validation and meaning. This woman who is unbelievably no nonsense, unapologetic and LOGICAL. This woman that I admire and RESPECT the hell out of. She is amazing, sweet, down to earth, smart, giving and as she says an overall competent expert in our business. 

Meeting Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn was worthy of more than just a post on facebook. Because of her, I am the agent I am. I enjoy going above and beyond for each client, I look forward to it…. and as it turns out, I’m not the only one that thinks that it just makes sense. She has made me better in so many ways with her experience, logic and no nonsense approach to things.   I value her friendship, even if it’s been mostly from a distance. I look forward to everything that she and her network has to offer me and my brokerage, and to any real estate agent that doesn’t think that lead gen and cold calling is for them… GET the Sell with Soul book… and then follow it with every other Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn written book you can get your hands on. When you’re done… start over… and then again.  You’re welcome.

To my friend, Jennifer… Thank you for a wonderful lunch date, lending me your time and ear and being my idol and friend. Love you!

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