Always Learning… Always Growing… That’s how I roll

Someone asked me the other day, “Why are you taking a class, didn’t you just renew your license?”  Yes, but that’s not why I’m educating myself. 

You see, most people believe that if you have to take Continuing Education (CE) classes every two years, in order to renew your license, that means you take those 24 (or 30 for brokers) hours worth of CE the week before your license is due and be done for the next 2 years. 

Instead, I try to take a class or 2 each week. Is it excessive? I don’t think so at all! You see, in this business, everyone believes that we have contracts, and therefore, it’s all spelled out for you in black and white. Here’s what the contract says, and therefore, that’s what you do. No… In fact, there are NO black and white areas of this profession! The entire real estate profession lives in the grey area. Everything we do is left up to interpretation of the contract. And it’s constantly changing and evolving.  I go to class regularly for a few reasons:

1. I like to learn new things. I also feel like sometimes the reminders stick more than the original lesson. So, when I hear something repeatedly, it sticks a little better. I know this, so I go… I beat the information into my brain over and over until it’s automated. 

2.  Often times, it’s not about what is being taught… it’s about how my associates feel about something.  I love the interactions in class. I like to hear how others see this crazy business and interpret what goes on in their deals. What have they seen, how do they feel…. why does the cross agent do what they do?  By better understanding why the agent across from you did what they did, it makes it easier for me to do my job in a way that all parties involved, win.  

3. It’s about the evolution of this business.  Have you ever seen case law change how you do something in your business? Well, real estate is the same. We constantly change and evolve, based on case law.  For example… Using certain language on a form to ask for repairs made by a license contractor…  it used to be a big no no. Now, our lawyers are saying it’s acceptable. How do I know this is the case? I went to class. One week, it’s a no, the next. It’s a yes.  Time to evolve.

4. In this business, you have to expect the unexpected. There are about a million things that can go wrong at any time. I hope to never go through all of them, but I like to learn from those I didn’t experience.  When we go to classes and see what has happened to others, and how it was resolved, discussing all the ways to approach similar issues. I become a better agent. I learn how to get ahead of potential issues, how to deal with problems more efficiently and how to navigate the landmines safer for myself and my clients. 

I continue to educate myself, and my agents, not just because the law says I have to, but because our team is stronger when we continue to learn and grow. We evolve with every change the legislation puts into place. I know that some don’t like the new rules,  or how the business has changed, and that’s ok for them. We’re going to continue to grow, and our level of service will continue to be only that of the highest integrity and caliber. For those that don’t agree… we can point you to someone that doesn’t know better. This business is never boring! With that…. I’m off…. I have a class to get to. TTYL!  

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