The Jones Crew Remodeled Home

Ok… the plan was to go in and document the whole thing, start to finish… and share how we did it. We tend to do things differently than most, so I wanted to share that. Unfortunately, things got a little crazy and we’ve owned this property for over a year now. We literally never got around to it because work got crazy, life got in the way…. I never got over there until it came time to paint baseboards. I mean, I did bring Todd a tool or paint can occasionally, but he won’t let me take credit for the whole thing based on that…. he’s stingy. Even though this didn’t go as we thought, I will say, it’s one of the better remodels we’ve done. 

Here’s the jist. This home was the same floor plan that had in our original home, affectionately known as cape mesa. So we had an idea of what we wanted to do, especially with the kitchen.  Obviously, doubling the size of the home wasn’t on our to-do list…. but losing a wall, and opening up the U-shaped kitchen was top priority.  

My favorite aspect of this remodel is the few creative touches. We wanted to do more of it, but with the limited time… we didn’t get around to owning this one like we have in the past. 
One thing that we did was repurpose an old bowl that we picked up at a thrift store in Prescott…. it’s now a pendant light over the sink. 
We also had a lot of extra wood from the wood fence out back. My husband had the brilliant idea of using that as a distressed wood accent on the back of the kitchen counter. I think that looks amazing and really adds great character to the room.

A few other ways we saved money on this one… we had a friend who removed some counters from a commercial business…. and we were able to use that in the hall and laundry room. We had extra barn wood, left over from a job, which was used in the hall as well. We were able to use the extra baseboards from other jobs. Paint… obviously, used from other jobs and left overs.  The cabinets were refurbished and stained. the back splash, which looks amazing, was removed from a large remodel. The lighting was a mix of thrift store finds and clearance racks.  Even the grass in the yard was at one time an old soccer field. 🙂

All in all, we didn’t get to make this a production for those to follow… but we love how the home turned out. And now… it’s for rent! Let us know if you want to get an application in!

Before – Front

After – Front

Before – Family Room

After – Family Room

After View into the kitchen with wood accents, from yard fencing

Before – Kitchen

After – Kitchen

Before – Dining Room

After – Dining Room

After – Dining, Kitchen, Laundry

Before – Dining room, back door, laundry


Before – Master

After- Master

Master Bath

Back Yard


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