Growth, Through Heart, Knowledge, Authenticity and Humor

Last night I was feeling a little down. Not sad or anything, just very blah… I stood in front of the fridge, browsing through the many flavors standing before me and told my husband, “I’m so bored”.  “What do you mean?” he said… “just make speghetti or tacos” (our go-to meals)  But it wasn’t just that. I was just bored… generally bored. 

I sat on the couch as we watched a couple shows and I ran comps, browsed Facebook and researched new IDX’s. I almost felt like I needed to get up and do something, like sitting was driving me nuts. I just couldn’t quite put my finger on what was wrong.

This morning, I woke up, grabbed a coffee, sat in bed and went through emails… delete, delete, delete, delete…. same thing every day, new spammer, likely from all the people I just accepted on Linked in, who have no added me to their newsletter, assuming our new connection was a opt in.  Then I moved on to Facebook, you know, to see if anything excited had occured in the last few hours I’d been asleep.  Sure enough, I had a friend in NC mention that she had just gotten her license and wanted to pick my brain. 

I found myself suddenly sitting up, typing a mile a minute with, advise, books to read, people to follow, words of encouragement etc etc…. That’s when it occured to me. I love real estate. I love talking about it, I love discussing the contract, the interpretations, the pit falls, the classes I attend. I’ve bored my family to death with legalities and regulations. I’ve even talked clients ears off about what to do and what to expect… just to have to say the same thing 10 times because apparently they’re not quite as passionate about this as me, and need these things listed out one at a time to better retain their next step.  But new agents…. ahhhh… new agents love to hear all about the business. They love to hear about where they can go for more info. They love to learn. And I love to guide! 

I opened my brokerage in January of this year (2017) and took on 4 new agents since then. They’re passionate, kind, giving, driven, hands on, hard working, and knowledgable…But, I want more. I don’t want to just help my agents through contracts, I want to help all agents through hurdles, speed bumps and the inevitable frustrations. 

I know the direction I want to take, I just don’t know what the road looks like. I want to help other agents grow their business using heart, knowledge, authenticity and humor.  I have heard that if you follow your passion and do what makes you happy and what is right… you can’t fail. Well… lets hope that’s the truth!

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