How’s the Market? And why this is a terrible question.

I’m asked all the time, “How’s the market? Is it getting any better?”  I have a question…. Better than what? I never know what to say to this. How’s the market? What market?  The condo market? The new home market? The sellers market? The buyers market? The investors market? The rental market?  The Tempe Market? The Avondale Market?
Lets be more specific, shall we?
Generally, when people are asking about ‘the market’, it’s because they believe that all home sales are created equal. They’re not. The correct question is ‘How is MY market?” 
Back in 2007 or 2009 or even 2012… no matter how ugly things got, you can be assured of 2 things. There were people looking to sell their houses. There were also people looking to buy a house.  So, before you try to get a grasp on ‘the market’, consider what you really want to know. Do you care about the general health of the real estate market across the board? Because there’s always been buyer and sellers. The market is fine. Or do you want to know how homes are selling in your specific area? Because, that’s an entirely different conversation. If you’re interested in how the market is for your house, or for the house you want to own some day… we can help give you the right guidance. No home, neighborhood, zip code or even city is the same. 

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