Coaching and Mentoring – low key

I’m not a top producer. I’m not a team lead, delegator. I’m not a lead generator. I don’t pay for leads.  I’ve never done business the same as I’ve seen others do it.  I like having a small book of clients. I like having freedom to cut out and enjoy lunch with my husband. I like being at home with my kids. I like getting my hands dirty and working on my husbands remodels.  I enjoy days that have me racing all over town, showing homes, checking on listings, popping in on my agents to help run comps.  But I also enjoy days that are quiet, where I can catch up on my house, my books or even a nap. 

Back in January, I started my own boutique brokerage. I started it because I didn’t want to ask the source of the source for answers to my questions. I wanted to be the source. I wanted to be able to go to all the top classes, network with all the top talent, speak directly to the boards legal hotline.  I didn’t start the brokerage to save on splits or rule the world. I didn’t start it to hire 300 agents. I started it because I wanted to set a new standard. Mine. And I want mine to be the best.

I found that my favorite part of my days were spent talking contracts, sharing little tidbits I had recently learned from a class or a conference, or a brilliant book I just read. I would love to tell you that all of my clients love hearing my stories…. but they don’t. I would love to say that my husband beams with glee when I say, “You know what I learned today?” But he doesn’t.  I discovered that only certain people look forward to my discoveries. Agents like me. 

There are many ways to run a real estate business. I choose to handle my clients 1 at a time. I choose to sleep till 9, and spend the midnight hour in a deep discussion with my husband. I choose to rally and stalk lenders when they’re dropping the ball on my deal, and enjoy the quiet moments, when I can catch up on my latest Sell With Soul book, or even facebook.   I want to learn, I want to teach, I want to perfect what I do… But I recently decided, I also want to take agents under my wings and help them through the troubles, the slumps, the hurdles. I want to coach and mentor agents like me. Whether they’re looking to find their way, amp up business, or figure out how to start their own brokerage. I LOVE helping guide these agents. 

After this little revelation came to me and I started looking into other coaches, in hopes of learning what they do and how I should be putting myself out there… Ok, I did not expect what I found… too big! Back up! What I discovered was massive amounts of real estate coaches overwhelming my screen! Clearly there are about 437,000 people that had the same idea as me… but there’s still one difference. I don’t want to be that pizzazy, multimillionaire businesss coach with 1,000 clients and no hands on… I just want to take the hand of one, or just a few struggling agents at a time and help them find direction.  The challenge will be figuring out how to take my crazy idea and turn it into a real business. My small, personal, dream business. <3

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