Stress and Dental Health

What To Do When Stress Breaks Your Face – Dental Health

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One of the things that stresses me out is dental issues.

Unfortunately, one of the things that results from stress… is Dental issues.

It’s a fun little circle to be in.

My issues aren’t major, by any means… so I’m grateful for that. The problem that I do have is mostly related to stress induced clenching.  Not grinding, really… just clenching.

I used to wake up in the middle of the night after clenching so hard that I would literally try to break out of my clinch. I mean, my jaw would be so tightly shut, that the only way to get out felt like I would have to break out…. breaking teeth.

Luckily this was just a dream… but it was so real, there’s no way I would go back to sleep.  Bubye sleep!

So, the stress induced clenching would lead to less sleep, leading to more stress and less ability to handle it… leading to more stress induced clenching and other issues.

So, what did I do to deal with these issues?

First, I found a great dental routine with quality products.

A prebiotic Mouthwash and Toothpaste, to help feed the good bacteria, protecting my gums and teeth, and helping to make things healthier and stronger.  This is probably the best dental health product you can buy. (Oral health probiotic and prebiotics are worth EVERY penny, according to my new Holistic Dentist, and the mouthwash lasts a lot longer than you think, it doesn’t take much.)

Remember that your mouth is the first part of your digestive track… it’s SUPER important to make sure that your mouth isn’t just clean, but ultra healthy and populated with all the right bacterias.

I purchased a charcoal coated floss, since charcoal is a natural cleanser for Dental health, filter and gets between my teeth extra clean. Another highly recommended dental health product

Second, I found a great Holistic Dentist for top notch Dental health.

What is that? It’s a dentist that is less ‘drill and fill’ and more ‘preventative, natural health’ in your mouth. That’s the basics.  I love that they explain everything to me in a way that I understand why things are happening, and what I can do to make my mouth healthier… not just “how can I help you buy your next boat, Mr Doctor sir?”

Turns out my clenching wasn’t just giving me sleep issues, it was also causing other issues, like microfractures and gum wear.  Fun, right?  Yeah… So, getting a handle on this became a priority. Especially when my clenching broke a crown and cracked a tooth.  These are expensive issues to have… and also unpleasant…

The Dentist explained the science behind a night guard and how it would help me… so I found one that wasn’t $500, that would work for me.

The third thing I did… buy a Mouthguard!

What do I HATE about night guards? For one… the bulk. I don’t want a big bulky thing in my mouth all night, causing me to drool and keeping me from being able to speak at all.

I also don’t like that they cut at my gums, they hurt and are all around annoying!  The mouthguard I found was perfect. It’s small, sleek, soft, and does just enough to keep me from damaging my teeth… yet I can sleep, talk, breathe and function just like normal.

This set just puts a bit of padding between your back teeth, keeping your jaw from locking down, and giving a little pressure release on your teeth, so if you do clench down, it’s on something softer… not your enamel.  Once it starts to wear down, you replace it with a new one. No biggy.  Since breaking my crown and cracking my tooth… I don’t go a night without it in my mouth… but thankfully, this style is so easy and convenient to sleep with. I don’t have bulging lips, I don’t drool, and I can talk about 90% normal with it in… If you clench at night… buy them immediately!

I never would have thought… but this particular dental health product is probably the only thing preventing me from major issues later down the line.

Ultimately, taking care of your mouth is more than just the surface stuff…

So the most important part is ultimately making sure that you’re getting the nutrients that your body needs to have a healthy and strong mouth.

Calcium, Vitamin D, vitamin C, Phosphorus, Zinc and Collagen were some of the nutrients that I made sure were in my daily routine… creating a stronger bone, enamel and healthier immunity for ultimate health.

Calcium… obvious great for bone health as they are literally made of calcium, like your jaw and those little enamel coated bones in your mouth.  This nutrient is best received through leafy greens, organic quality dairy like milk and yogurt and even cheeses.

Vitamin C is great for protecting you from disease that can loosen the gums. Think about the toothless pirates, suffering from scurvy. Take that Vitamin C! (We also take it regularly for immune support. This one has a little extra with the rose hips, but also is time released, so it doesn’t overwhelm your kidneys or gut.)

Phosphorus and Vitamin D helps the calcium be absorbed better and gives your body a boost to the immunity. Eat your spinach and pumpkin seed salads.

Zinc, found in saliva, preventing the bad bacteria and plaque from building up. This vitamin is a Zinc sulfate, at 220 mg, recommended for a boost in immune support as well.

Collagen, well, because your overall connective tissues need strength and health, so take the collagen! Through that affiliate link, you can get a great quality collagen as well as the probiotics that we personally take and love.  The probiotics are great for your overall health, and that includes the mouth.  Use the coupon code TheSerenaHopeJones to get 5% off your order!

Some of these, I do take in supplements, to ensure that I am getting enough of them, however, I do try to eat as much of them in healthy foods. Try more leafy greens, legumes like lentils, nuts like pumpkin seeds, cashews and almonds as well as yogurt, and organic red meats.  I try to keep it all organic, but organic dairy and meat has been proven to be a better source of the vitamins and nutrients, as well as them being more bio available… which is the point.

The last part of my own process is stress….

For that, I do take supplements for stress and adrenal support. That one, I take because it encompasses all of the right ingredients, including black pepper, which is an amplifying for the effectiveness… and it’s organic.

I love drinking my stress away…. This Kava tea is really good, and will leave me physically feeling relaxed.  It’s great before bed, to really help relax the body and mind, and probably helps my night time clenching issue!

I also love lavender for it’s relaxing effects. I never go without a little lavender stress rescue in my purse… Lavela has saved me from stressful encounters, calming my nerves, plane flights, inlaw visits and so much more.  Or, I LOVE to just put a steeper ball of lavender in my water. It’s actually very tasty and addictive… and gives you an all day calming beverage to manage stress. Just a tblsp in a baller, refill your water all day on the same leaves.

When all else fails, don’t forget to add a little Yoga and meditation into your life! If you don’t already know why Yoga is so effective, you HAVE to get this book.

In summary… make sure that you check out the dental health products that I have listed above…. take the vitamins for overall oral health and take care of yourself, and your stress levels.

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