8 Ways to Start A Meditation Practice

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Meditation practice can be a challenge when you’re getting started. For so long I was convinced that I just couldn’t do it. 

I started my meditation practice, fumbling… I hope that these tips and resources will help you in beginning your meditation practice journey.

First of all, let me just dispel the myth that you have to sit in silence, criss cross apple sauce and think about nothing for an hour, right out of the gate. 

That’s where you lose me. 

Feeling like a failure does not keep me going… and if I had to clear my mind of all thoughts to succeed in meditation… I’d had quit, feeling like a failure, plain and simple. I couldn’t do it when I was first beginning my meditation journey… I still hope to get there, but I’m not there yet anyway. 

I’m working on my meditation practice. I know that it’s great for your health, your anxiety and especially your brain health… so, one of these days, I do hope to be able to accomplish that whole ‘sit still and chill’ form of meditation

But for now… Here are some methods of meditation that have helped me and some resources at the end for products that helped me achieve my success at beginning my meditation practice.

First of all, Meditation is not the act of not thinking. 

Meditation is about self control, self awareness, self appreciation, and self respect. 

My husband was playing his drums the other day and after about 30 minutes he came in and told me that he felt so much better, but didn’t know why. He played one of the songs that he was playing along with, and it was obvious… he’d been meditating

I informed him that this is what his meditation was… and it clicked!

As he played the song for me, he began telling me about how it just allows him to get into his own zone…. His own space… there is no outside.  He’s just one with the music. 

He was visibly calmer and relaxed. 

Some days, he’s rocking out to heavy metal and releasing frustration. Other days, he’s melodic in his music choice, just needed to find a peaceful, relaxing rhythm. 

Guys… that counts as meditation

There are different ways to mediate

When I start my day with meditation… I love to be able to light a candle, swirl some sage in the air or turn on my oil diffuser, and really set the tone. 

I prefer to set a timer so that I don’t have to think about how long I’ve been sitting there. That makes me anxious. But since I use my phone for music and timer… I always put the phone on do not disturb too… You don’t need the notification bringing you out of a meditative relaxation every 2 seconds… or is that just me?

I like to sit on a meditation pillow, so that my legs don’t fall asleep and my back doesn’t hurt from the pressure. I include a link below, for the one I have and love.

I also like to play a vibrational frequency melody from my saved playlists on YouTube. I’m playing one right now, as I write. 

Tip: Go to YouTube and type a search for meditation frequency… find the frequency that describes your needs… and enjoy. Some days, I have a detox frequency playing, others I need a gratitude frequency, or a chakra healing frequency.  

Meditation methods to help you start meditating regularly

  1. Focused on relaxing

We’ll start with the basic form… Imagine your body relaxing, starting from one end of your body and moving slowly to the other end.  

I find a lot of tension is usually being held in my shoulders or my jaw, and those areas that take me a minute to relax. 

This is a great way to meditate before bed, or if you have a lot on your plate during the day.

I find that it’s easiest to start at my head, surprisingly enough…. For some reason, I can visualize my face relaxing more and more…easier than I can imagine my feet relaxed. Maybe it’s because there’s so much need for facial relaxing. Who knows. 

  1. Go to your happy place

Another oldie but goodie. My go to for mediation is usually my happy place. 

I have a very difficult time clearing my mind. I usually have a lot to do in my day, and I feel that pressure to finish my list, so my mind doesn’t just relax easily. 

I love to be able to put on a rain/music track on YouTube, and imagine that I’m at a lake, in the forest, looking out at the water. If my mind tries to wander, I imagine ripples in the water, or a fresh breeze coming in… to wipe the thoughts away. 

I attempt to see the imagery crystal clear, as if I’m really there. I imagine trying to smell the fresh air, or feel the breeze on my face… maybe the smell of rain through the windy pine trees. 

It’s much easier if my sound matches the thoughts in my mind. But this is one of my favorite go-to’s

  1. Gratitude

I learned this one recently and it’s been one of my favorite ways to start my day. Usually, I’ll quiet my mind, and my face, then move on to this method.

It’s certainly ok to combine these methods or meditate multiple times a day. 

I was never one to journal necessarily. But I’d been hearing how powerful it is to write down those things that you’re grateful for.  

I’m working on journaling more, but for my meditation practice… thoughts are sufficient.

I believe that positive energy and thoughts are crucial to a positive manifestation of your desires. 

I also believe thinking that good things will come is the worst way to think positive. More on that… I believe that the best method of positive thinking is to focus on the things that you love and appreciate. Happiness that you already have… not focusing on what you want to have.

Think about things that make you happy, people that you love, memories that make you smile. These are the positive influences that make you who you are right now… focusing on gratitude for these life experiences, will bring more of the same to your life. 

In order to meditate in this way, try this trick… Start by thinking, “thank you for…” or “I appreciate ….” 

Some will call this form of meditation prayer. No matter what you believe, religiously or spiritually… Thank your higher power for all that it does for you. 

  1. Spacial awareness

I didn’t realize that I was doing this until I listened to an Audible Book about Mediation. I wish I remembered which one it was.

I realized that I was meditating while driving.  

Yeah…. Ok, let me explain this one. 

Spacial awareness is such an amazing way to meditate. It’s about being still, being in the moment, and becoming fully aware of your surroundings and or your body.  

I believe that it also heightens your senses. 

I found that I was doing this while I drove, all the time. 

Being an introvert, I use my drives as a way to recharge. I’d listen to the quiet, listening to the road under the tires. Hearing and feeling the cracks in the road. I’d open my peripheral sight, to notice cars, trees, signs, etc… without turning my head. I’d feel my posture. I’d notice my breathing.

That is in fact, a form of meditation…  you’re becoming more aware of where you are, how you feel and all the surroundings affecting your current situation.

Anyone claiming they don’t have time to meditate… I beg to differ.


  1. Water immersion

Have you ever just lingered in a body of water?  Whether it’s sitting in a spa, feeling bubbles against your back, and the warmth on your skin. Maybe you swim under water, listening to the muffled sounds of kicks behind you.  Or perhaps you stand in the shower, feeling the drops of water warm your back. 

There’s a reason that showers, baths, jacuzzi’s, pools, the ocean or any other water source rejuvenates you. Part of it has to do with the water in general… but sometimes, it’s how relaxed you can be, as you sit in the water, opening up your senses and being more aware of your surroundings. Feeling the warmth, or cool… hearing the silence…. Feeling weightless and free. 

Anyone else have the urge to sit in a bath for a while now? Check out these relaxing bath salts to add to your quality time in there. 

  1. Watching your favorite movie

Ok, here me out… this isn’t a mistake.

Meditating is about letting your mind and mody relax. Giving yourself the ability to take your focus off your worries or your responsibilities and putting yourself back into a peaceful happy place. 

An old, favorite movie, that allows you to forget where you are, forces those smiles or laughter and brings you into a state of relaxation, is a great way to ease into a meditative state! 

I wouldn’t recommend action movies or thrillers… because you’ll feel the anxiety of the movie in your own body, defeating the purpose. 

If you’re having trouble getting on board with sitting in the quiet company of your own thoughts… try watching a relaxing or funny movie, without the distraction of your phone. I promise, you’ll feel rejuvenated afterwards. 

  1. Get moving

As my husband discovered, Meditation isn’t just about quiet, stillness. 

Dancing, singing, rowing, jogging, drumming… these are all effective ways of getting out of your own headspace and relaxing your mind and body. 

Some people just need to feel their muscles warm, feel the blood pumping, feel the sweat, or feel each breath as they challenge themselves. 

One of the reasons that people run or jog, is to find peace and solitude… um… in otherwords, they’re meditating

Personally… this method is not for me. But I can testify that my husbands drumming will put him in a completely different headspace.  So, if relaxing isn’t getting you there… try the exerting method!

  1. Get a Massage!

Probably my FAVORITE meditation so far… and I WISH I could afford it more often! As I said, I’m not the runner… This is more my speed!

Have you ever had a massage, a pedicure or visited your hair stylists, and felt rejuvenated when you left.  

You feel as if you’ve just gone on vacation, right?!

For me, an hour of someone squeezing the ‘tense’ out of me while I listen to soothing music, and allow the thoughts to simply leave my mind…  is the absolute best form of meditation I can do.  


In Summary

Meditation is SO beneficial to your mind and body and we all should find some way or another to practice it. 

Meditation is about being mindful… showing yourself the respect you deserve. Meditation is about self awareness most of all. 

Putting yourself in a meditative state can help you relax, control your mind and ultimately your day…

It can also help you take better care of your health, as you notice when something is just a little off. 

I find that I feel more in control of my actions, the more I practice controlling my mind. 

I also find that my stamina is higher as I practice intentionally breathing into my gut.

There are so many benefits to practicing mindful meditation. 

But don’t think that you have to have it perfected right out of the gate. 

Start with a movie, or a bike ride. 

Sit in the quiet and put out  thoughts of gratitude for all that you have and are. 

Lay in bed and feel your face soften, your stomach expand with the breath and your mind go still before drifting off to sleep. 

However you choose to practice your mindful meditation… just do it. 

After practicing mindful meditation for several weeks, I feel confident that you’ll never stop. It truly is beneficial to your overall physical and mental health.  

Here are some great sources to get you started in your mediation practice. 

Dear Universe – This book has been truly beneficial when I need just a little extra guidance to turn my day around. I open it randomly to find the message that calls to me, or if I have a specific hurdle, I’ll look for guidance on a specific topic.  This helps put me in a positive and grateful mindset to start off my meditation practice. 

My favorite Meditation Pillow – When I first started, my legs would tingle, my feet would fall asleep and my back would hurt.  This crescent shaped pillow will support your spine and keep your blood flowing correctly from head to toe. And no… a normal pillow does not do the same thing. 

Lavender sage – There is something so healing and relaxing about burning sage. It will cleanse the energy in the room and help you relax better. 

Salt Lamp – I cannot say enough about having a salt lamp in your space.  The lamp literally cleanses the air, and even helps with allergens.  I notice a drastic difference in my room when I have my lamps on.  A 7-8lb lamp is the perfect size for an average room. Since the lighting is so calming and cleansing… I highly recommend sprinkling a few of these bad boys around your house. 

Essential Oil Diffuser – A must in my house! I have several… There are some essential oil diffusers that I fill with water and a few drops of oil… and then I have the salt lamp diffuser that I turn on to calm my space and add the benefits of essential oils to my meditation practice. 

Tibetan singing Bowls – These bowls work off of a frequency. You smack the bowl with the included striker, and it releases a note, at a frequency that helps to calm your nerves and clear your mind. If you’re especially stressed out, this is a great way to reset. Great for the heart chakra. (probably all of your chakras)

Incense mountain – I am not the biggest fan of incense, by any means… but I LOVE that this particular burner allows the smoke to flow gently down, flowing back and forth, like a silky cloud.  When I first started meditating, I would light a single cone, and simply focus my attention on the incense as it burned. It burns in about 10 minutes… the perfect amount of time to watch the smoke gently float down… and leave you relaxed without worrying about time… or trying to focus on clearing your mind the whole time. 


I hope you find these resources helpful in beginning your meditation practice. I wish that I would have started sooner. 

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