There are so many health benefits to Apple Cider Vinegar...

It's made by fermenting apples. Fermented food has such a nutritional value anyway, helping in making your digestion work better.

The cloudy residue in the vinegar is called 'the mother'. I have no idea why, but I know you want it!

That cloudy murk has traces of proteins, enzymes and good bacteria, so it is great for adding to a healthy microbiome and aiding in digestion.

I never fully understood why you were supposed to drink it before meals, but I was always game... I love vinegar.  But I did finally read something that helped it click.

The enzymes and acids in the apple cider vinegar actually encourage the good acid in your stomach, the hydrochloric acid, which helps your body fully break down the food you eat, and prepare it for proper digestion.

When you don't have enough of this acid, that's typically when you suffer from acid reflux. That didn't make sense to me until I had explained like this.

When you have a water fountain, the motor recycles the water, without issue... But when you run low on water, the pump starts to gurgle and spit, trying like crazy to suck up water.

Can you see it? That made sense to me... So, I've tested the theory several times... when I get heart burn, I put a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass, add 5 times the water and chug. It has worked EVERY time!

Here's what I do know... the health benefits are numerous. This vinegar can help you manage your blood sugar levels, your cholesterol, your weight. It also preserves food and has a anit-bacterial benefit that helps to kill the bad bacteria in your gut, while it's helping digest and feed the good bacteria... It probably has magical powers on top of all of it too, but ultimately, my goal was for digestive/gut health.

I buy it in bulk these days and try to incorporate it more in salad dressings, sauces, and yes... I drink it before meals whenever I can. Make sure you dilute it with 5 times the water though... it is acid, you don't want to pour straight acid into your gut.

My personal preference is definitely Braggs... they're organic, and the flavor is great. They're the standard in quality apple cider vinegar, for sure. I've tried several store brands, but this one is just top!

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