I find that jarring is so much easier than saving things in bulky containers. They also make life easier for portioning out.

One of these days, I'll figure out how to 'can', but for now, these jars are life savers with making sure my prepping is portioned, air tight, and saving space.

I love the look and design of these jars on top of it all, so I love the way my pantry looks and I love that I can put them in the freezer without worrying about the glass.

The little guys are perfect for portioning out small portions of sauces, or even breakfast. They're a great way to travel with homemade salad dressings or overnight oats, yogurt or snacks.

For the tall 12oz jars, they are a space savor in the fridge. We use these to portion out the Lentil soup that we eat on a regular basis. Freeze or refrigerate, they're a great size!

The 16oz wide mouth jars are little stubby jars that perfectly portion out salsa, beets or tomato sauces. They aren't enough for a full size spaghetti sauce, but I like to dress up my sauces, so they work as the perfect starters.

The larger jars are the tall wide mouth jars that I just feel fit better in spaces. I also use them to drink out of. They're the perfect size for a cup holder.

Then there's the quart size. These are perfect for storing nuts or rice and beans in the pantry. They're air tight, so your food stays fresh.

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