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The last month or 57 (it feels) I have been working on an extensive remodel in our kitchen.

It was a last minute decision, to literally rip out the ceiling and roof, raising things up and giving me my dream kitchen. I’ll share more photos and info on that soon.

But this morning I woke up after a day off… literally a single day in over a month… I felt a little more rested and ready to dig back in to this blog.

I sat on my patio, coffee in hand, and I looked through my social media accounts. I ran across a friends new page, where he was starting his own health journey. I was enjoying looking through his past postings, when I ran across his initial post, that explained after being hospitalized in December, he was incentivized to follow me on the road to health. I got chills! I have had people reach out through posts and stories to tell me that my food looks so good, asking about recipes etc… but to actually see the aftermath of someone, so inspired, that they too started a health journey like mine.


So, as I sit here, fresh out of renovation hell… I feel so motivated and encouraged to amp up efforts on this page.

If I can inspire others to improve their own health… that’s all I can ask for.

I’m not a doctor, I’m not a certified nutritionist. I’m just a Real Estate Broker, who was pushed back onto a healthy path, by force, by necessity… It was life or death for me… Maybe the way I do things works for others… or maybe my journey is just inspiring to others.  Either way. Thank you for the encouragement Rex. Love you man!

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