Hibiscus Tea for Detox and Health

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What are the health benefits of Hibiscus leaf, and how do you use it?

As an Arizona Native, Hibiscus flowers are in no shortage here… but to find out that they are highly medicinal around the world? That peeked my interest. 

The Hibiscus leaves and flowers are used to make a “Sour Tea”. 

For those who like their beverages a little tart… this one is for you!

Around the world, and for hundreds of years, the Hibiscus tea was used to treat everything from a high fever, to cancer and many things in between. 

To say that it’s a healthy addition to your day, is understated.

Hibiscus tea came into my world a few years ago when Starbucks introduced the Very Berry Hibiscus. It utilized the tartness of the hibiscus tea, with the berry tang and brewed it with a green coffee… all in all, a great way to detox and get energy!

The Research

As I’ve done more research, there are many people who believe that Hibiscus is a very potent antioxidant and may do wonders to help clean your liver. 

The tea does have diuretic benefits, so if you are retaining water, this is a good one to drink. But it’s because of that effect that I truly believe that there are great cleansing benefits to this tea.

When you cleanse your liver, you allow your largest filter to help you in many other ways, more efficiently. 

Whether it’s just weight loss you’re looking for, your liver helps to manage your metabolism

Water weight? Gone

Cancer?  Well… I’m not going to write those claims. But you can read the research yourself.  I have heard that this tea will help to fight off cancer cells that may be developing in your body. Remember, we all have them… we’re just trying to prevent them from taking over.

Hibiscus is also known to be anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial. It’s also high in vitamin C and Iron. It’s also said to be great for digestion, boost your metabolism and control blood sugar.

It’s basically a magical flower that I’ve had growing in my yard for decades without me ever attempting to drink it!

So, how can you add Hibiscus into your day?

I make a great tea, using a teaspoon of leaves in boiling water, steeping for about 5 minutes. I prefer mine poured over ice after that, and a pinch of monkfruit  with or honey.

How do you make Hibiscus tea?

I simply use a tea strainer to steep the loose leaves. Personally, I like to be able to get all the benefits of the organic flower, without the paper bags or any other preservatives or tea leaves to dilute the benefits. Plus, loose leaf gives me the freedom to add it to any other teas that I might want to supplement.

What can you add to it?

These days, I also may use half hibiscus and half dandelion root, for the additional liver cleansing properties. I don’t find that the dandelion root adds flavor, but I’m happy to welcome the added benefits.

You may also add it to green tea, white tea, rooibos tea, or a number of fruit mixes. 

Have fun with it and create your own concoction.

In Summary

Remember, you don’t want to  go overboard with this amazing diuretic, detox tea… just like everything, drink it in moderation, or check with your doctor. Even too much of a good thing may have negative effects.  (anything that says, cleansing should be moderated)

I’ve heard that the best time to drink it is after dinner, as it may help your body let go of the fats you just ate before you sit and relax for the night. Maybe this could be a new after-dinner sipping habit, for your health.



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