It’s MY Yoga Practice

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I tried hot yoga one time.

I say one time… it was actually 2 weeks of hell.

Literally, why does anyone subject themselves to the heat and smell of a hot yoga center?  I did… every day for 2 weeks.  My friend said that I would learn to love it.  Instead, I think I plotted out a few hundred ways to seek vengeance on her for convincing me to try it, while holding the same damn pose over and over again.

Now, before you defend how fabulous hot yoga is for you… I’m sure it’s fabulous and amazing… for you.

I live in the desert, but I HATE heat.  I don’t like it when the air suffocates you and tries to cook you inside and out.  Dramatic, sure…. but that’s how I felt about that boiling, steamy, smelly room.

The other day, I was laying on my mat. I had installed roofing the day before.  I was sore, and stiff…. and I lay there thinking about how unmotivated I was.  Then I remembered reading about how Yoga is a “practice”. Not only is it a practice, but this is YOUR practice.

This is my favorite part of my new routine… every day can be different. Every day can be another level of resistance, or none at all. If today is a purely a stretch day, that’s ok.

I laid there, on my mat, feeling stiff and sore because I was climbing up and down a ladder the day before. My fingers were scraped and blistered from swinging a hammer and carrying scratching roofing… It was ok if I just wanted to stretch all of the things today.

I’ve followed a lot of yogis, and none of them ever post the same routine. Perhaps thats because they follow their body’s instruction and do what feels good. The flows, the movements, the resistance…. it’s not about forcing yourself to push your limits, it’s about honoring your body, rewarding it for helping you live, strong and resilient.

Some days, your body deserves to feel the warmth from straining to lift heavy things.

Some days, your body deserves to feel the much needed stretch after being tense.

So, no…. I will not be subjecting me to Hot Yoga anytime soon.  My yoga practice is just mine, for me, to honor me and my needs, physical and mental.

Some days, I stretch and lay and try to pretend like I fully understand the benefits of child pose, and other days, I challenge myself and reach cardio heart rates, simply by balancing, lifting or holding poses that I can feel straining my muscles to the core.

But overall… My yoga practice is MINE. This is my time, for my body, for my mind. My practice is not up to anyone but me, and I LOVE that I give myself this gift.

By the way… I did that roofing job in yoga pants, because I like to be comfortable! If you like my peacock yoga pants, check them out here!

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