After reading about the molecular shape of some of the zero calorie sweeteners we were using, and the relation to leaky gut... I quickly got rid of all of the crap sweeteners in the house.

Monkfruit is one of the sweeteners of choice these days.

Nutritionally, it's a zero calorie sweetener, derived from fruit, that does not negatively affect your blood sugar.

There may also be some anti-inflammatory benefits to it as well, so even though I'm not a sweets person, I do try to throw a tiny bit into a coffee or tea, at least once a day.

Just like anything, if you're a big sweets person, look into this more or ask your doctor before you over do it.

I prefer Organic, but it can be harder to find and more expensive, so regular will work just fine when you're starting your healthy changes.  I also prefer the one with erythritol because there are some sources that claim dental benefits to the sweetener. I also find that the monkfruit sweetener is a bit sweeter with it, and makes it last a little longer, because I use less.

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