No More Excuses

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After a very eye opening questionnaire, I realized one very important thing.

I have no problem lying on a form.

I have no problem telling someone, “I only had 2 glasses of wine.”

But my efforts and my results only matter to me. I’m the only one affected by my efforts and excuses.

It’s funny that we hire people to tell us what to eat and what to do… even though we know what to do.

We hire a trainer at the gym to make us lift the heavy things, because left to our own devises… we won’t push that last set of reps.

We pay big money for yoga studios, because we can’t seem to motivate ourselves to hold in Warrior III for 60 seconds without someone watching us.

We order prepackaged foods, crammed with preservatives… why? Because we can’t control our portions on our own… or “don’t have time” to prep.

It’s all Bullshit.

I, for one, am not proud of speaking the truth out loud. That’s why we lie on these health questionnaires. That’s why Doctors automatically double or triple the amount of alcohol you tell them about. We’re all on to these lies… But, it’s time to hold ourselves accountable to ourselves.

Why didn’t I push through the ab routine this morning?  Lets see… honestly?… laziness.

Why did I grab a cup of chips…. Honestly? Laziness. And my desire to have the taste of BBQ in my mouth. They weren’t even that good, but by the time I had a portion laid out… it was too late…. Yeah, that’s not true either, and I know it.

Have you ever portioned out one serving of potato chips… and then eaten a few before putting the bag away? And then we tell ourselves we only had 1 serving.

You know you have… And I have too.

It’s one of those little lies we tell ourselves, as if our metabolism is going to believe us.

Today, I present you with a dare… I dare you to tell yourself the truth about the decisions you made. Even if you’re just writing them down in a journal to yourself.

But here’s the thing… You don’t get to make excuses. You’re not allowed to use the phrase, “I didn’t have time”.

If you’re STARVING, after a long day of work and you realize that you don’t have anything planned for dinner… You can’t eat a box of Mac and Cheese, and tell yourself that you didn’t have time to make anything healthy.

It’s NOT a thing!

Grab a handful of cashews, eat an apple or drink a big glass of water… and make something healthy.

There is NO reason for bad behavior… only excuses… and we’re no longer making ‘excuses’ our ‘truth’.

Lets be honest. You made mac and cheese because you planned on being lazy. You planned it when you bought it at the store and brought it home.

Want to avoid eating crap… stop buying it. Plan for quick and easy. Plan for ‘starving and no time to eat healthy’.

You do have time to put a small container of nuts in your purse, so that you aren’t hitting up the drive thru tomorrow.

You do have time to grab an apple before you run out the door.

In fact, it takes less time to run into the grocery store and grab an orange or a apple and a container of almonds with a bottle of water, than it does to sit in the car at the drive thru, waiting for someone to soak potatoes in saturated fat.

If you want the results…. You’ll work for it. It really is that simple.

If you say you want the results… but your actions say the opposite…. You’re just lying to yourself. Would you trust someone that lied to you constantly? No… then stop doing it!

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