Probiotic Oral Health Care

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I have a terrible fear of Dentists. I just hate that scary permanence of drilling into the only teeth you get, damaging the only bones in your body that don’t just heal.

I had a dentist that I loved and trusted. Him and his loving family left the states and moved to another country to help with the dental needs of others. Not surprising, he was a kind soul like that. But selfishly… I hated that my only dental reassurance left me.

5 years had gone by… it had been so long since I had been to the dentist that my fear was just multiplying. I know that I LOVE acidic food, I know that I am not the religious flosser that I should be. I know that I am a night clencher.

I had this terrible fear that I was going to go in to the dentist and they would tell me that I needed thousands of dollars of work done. And if I didn’t know about it… it simply wouldn’t exist, right?

I have learned a lot about our digestive track. And it all starts in our mouth.  Months ago, I decided to swap out my usual sensitive toothpaste for a prebiotic tooth paste.  The first thing I noticed was that my teeth felt cleaner. The next morning, I noticed my mouth still tasted fresh, which was a surprise…. and my teeth still felt smooth…. what was this sorcery?

I quickly got the whole family on board. This wasn’t even an expensive change, in fact, I’m pretty sure it was about $.10 cheaper than my normal toothpaste.  They ALL started commenting on how clean their mouth felt, not just after brushing, but hours later. Imagine waking up without morning breath… yeah, like that clean!

So, I invested in the mouthwash.  I was stunned… I don’t know what I was thinking mouthwash did… but I legit felt particles breaking away. NOT something I’ve ever experience with any other mouthwash… ever. I could feel the swoosh between my teeth actually clearing out debris… but at the time, I thought it was still in my imagination.

By the time I was 6 months into my new oral hygiene system, I decided enough was enough… I needed to bite the bullet and go to the dentist.  I took selling our house for me to finally make the decision though. I was so afraid of the potential expense that I was facing  that I thought that was the best time to go… imagine.

What I discovered was, first of all… I LOVE holistic dentists….with the crystals on the wall, the heating pads on my neck, the calming, ‘drill is the last step’ philosophy…. but most of all, I love my new probiotic oral care products!

The dentist and the hygienist both commented that my teeth were incredibly clean, and surprisingly free of any debris. I scanned the x-rays myself in shock… they weren’t kidding. The scans didn’t lie. I started thinking about all those nights, swishing the probiotic mouthwash, feeling like maybe I was imagining something that wasn’t there. I wasn’t. This new probiotic mouthwash was definitely cleaning my teeth.

I owe a lot of gratitude to my new probiotic oral care… I just wish I started using it years ago!

If you want to improve your oral health, order the prebiotic toothpaste and mouthwash immediately…then you’ll want the rest. I can’t say enough about the body wash, the lotions, the charcoal bar soap, to cleanse impurities from you face.  I LOVE these products!!!


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