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If you only added one thing to your diet, it should be a good probiotic.

After reading the first book about a healthy gut and good bacteria, I wanted to make sure that the probiotics I took addressed any potential gut leakage I may be dealing with.

I have myself and my husband taking the Raw probiotic, as it was the most diverse and addressed many of the bacteria that we might be missing from microbiome, as we are older and deal with more stress and environmental factors that the kids may not be suffering from.  I love that this one also has the added enzymes, which help in digestion after a meal. I take this at lunch, and add Enzymes after dinner.

I also take the L. Reuteri, which is a probiotic that specifically helps with weight management and metabolism, as well as hair, nails and skin.

My daughter also takes a general probiotic, since she’s young, I didn’t see the need to flood her with all of the extras.

My son can’t remember to take vitamins to save his life… but it doesn’t take much convincing to get him to drink a chocolate shake… so an organic protein shake with probiotics does the trick for him!

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