Roasted Beets

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I LOVE beets on my salads. I do wonder some times if the canned or jarred stuff at the store is as nutritious as fresh though, you know?

Beets are full of essential nutrients and vitamins, including dietary fiber, folate (which is vitamin B9), potassium, iron, manganese, and vitamin C. They’ve also been said to improved blood flow and lower blood pressure.

I try to use beets on my salads every single night. They’re an essential addition to our meals!

Since I don’t trust what’s in the jar, I take it upon myself to make them.

I’ve learned that whatever I think is too much, is not enough… so whatever you think you’ll want to buy, I’d probably double that.  I try to buy the biggest, brightest beets, and I love red and gold… even though after roasting, they’re all red.

Peel and wash, then chop them into 1/2-3/4 inch pieces. You can probably go a little smaller or bigger, just keep try to keep them consistent so you cook them evenly.

Your hands will turn red, so wash them often.

Once you have them all diced up, you want to coat them evenly with Avocado oil. Not only does avocado add it’s own nutrients to these, but it has a higher cooking temp, so when we roast these, we’re not turning them into little toxic beets.

Next, add a generous amount of Pink Salt and fresh ground pepper… if you can.  These are my preferences because of the minerals and health benefits they offer.

Put them into the oven at about 400 degrees until they’re tender.  They are not the fastest cookers, so I usually find something to do while I wait. I check them often. Usually, they’ll take about 30-45 minutes, but I have had them take an hour.

If I can poke through them easily with a knife, they’re usually good… but feel free to taste test for the right texture.

Once they’re cooked, I transfer them back into the bowl and sprinkle them with a couple table spoons of monk fruit to sweeten them a little, and then toss a little apple cider vinegar to add a little tang.  If you’re a fan of the sweet, you might not use much vinegar… but if you’re like me and you want a more tangy flavor, you may add more.

From here, I divide them into jars and keep one in the fridge and the rest in the freezer.  Now I have beets for my salads for weeks to come!

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