The Last Vaccine I’ll Ever Have

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Anyone who knows me knows that I had shingles.  I’m an open book… I don’t keep anything to myself.  *Shock*

Although… for the record, Shingles is a stupid and ugly name and as someone who has installed roofing… I hate the term.  So, I have renamed MY shingles to “sparkles”… mostly because I like things that sparkle, and quite frankly, since the virus wants to light your body up into an unpleasant electrical storm, sparkles seem appropriate.

It was back in 2019 and I was taking on a little extra work. At one point, I was so physically stressed out, I felt like a black cloud swooped in, and I could barely see anything more than dark and stars.  Thus… sparkles.

I over worked, I ignored my physical and mental health so much, and I knew it. I just kept saying that if I could just get past this phase, I’d be ok.  I was starting a business, I was expanding another and I was ignoring ALL the red flags.

I eventually slowed it down, as you know. I realized that not one of these things mattered as much as my life.

I saw a loved one work himself, literally to death…

Everything changed.

But this is a story about the worst night of my life.

Did you know that you have to be a Senior in order to walk in and get a Shingles vaccine?

I finally had a prescription for the vaccine, but everywhere I went, it was wait listed. I was consistently wait listed, until they found out how old I was… not old enough. I was repeatedly told the same thing… “oh… you’re not old enough to take this vaccine away from someone who needs it.”

Evidently, my doctor telling me to destress, or I was going to lose my eyesight, didn’t put me near the top of the list for this treatment.

I finally found someone willing to give me the shot.  I walked in and sat down, only to be informed for the first time that this was a 2 part vaccine.  Ugh!

That night, I should have felt relief. Instead, the opposite happened.  I went to bed that night feeling ill. I was woken up shortly after feeling like an electrical pole had fallen on my skull and was shooting mass sparks down my spine, into every nerve ending until they caught fire and sieged.

I spent the entire night feeling like I was going to die, not in a little way, but I felt like the sparkles were going to light me up for good.

That was the worst night of my life. I don’t know what happened, maybe it was the vaccine, maybe it was me… but I would HARDCORE prefer to nurture my body to optimal health, nurture my mind to optimal health…. I prefer to manage my stress for survival. I prefer to give my health the support it needs to support me when the time comes.

Vaccines are not for me. Immune support is for optimal health. I choose to give myself the best, natural chance I can.

Word of advise… don’t get Sparkles.

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