The Vitamins I personally take

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I’ve been asked many times what vitamins I take… and why.

Here is a list of everything I take. I do have good reason behind each item and of course, cost and quality are important.  I have consolidated a little and narrowed things down. I use vitamins to support what I try to get with food… Overall… it’s about supplementing your health, and quality is always important.

So, here it is.  The majority of my vitamins come from a company that I really like, Wholesome Wellness. The multi vitamin is a whole food, and makes for a great supplement to the nutrition I’m already getting in my food. I do try to get a good variety of nutrition in what I eat.  From this same company, I also take the Beef Liver, which is high in protein, the b vitamins and more. And then I also use the collagen powder, in my coffee each morning. Collagen is what are bodies need to support all the connective tissue. There’s debate on taking it… but I find that support like this is just a good choice. I discovered  tis company originally because they were the ONLY probiotic that I could find, that had the most natural and diverse bacteria in their probiotics.  We all take the woman’s version, because other than the urinary track health support, they’re the same. Extra urinary support is never bad.

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Omega’s are a very important vitamin.


Your liver is the largest organ in your body, great at rejuvenating itself… but with the world we live in, I try to ensure that I keep my liver healthy and working optimally. For that, I take Artichoke and Milk Thistle.  (as well as the beef liver mentioned before) They are affordable and last a good 6 months.

Because I need support managing my stress response and my adrenal health. I take an Ashwaganda Root. This one is a great source, and includes black pepper, which is known to amplify the use of many herbs.

For Immune support, I take a few things. Zinc, vitamin D3, of course, vitamin c… and I also take a full spectrum mushroom capsule. I have had all of these separate, but I have found them in 2 now. While the Host Defense isn’t cheap… it is hands down a non negotiable for me.  It helps me to manage stress, as well as immunity.


For gut health, there are a few things that I take. First, there are a couple additional probiotics, that add to the diverse microbiome. Then an additional gut health drink, (which I prefer in mint) it heals the lining of your intestines to prevent leaky gut.  And lastly, an enzyme that we take to aid in digestion after meals, especially meat, as it helps you to break down fats and things.

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