Vitamins and Nutrients

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There are many theories about vitamins. Some studies say they do nothing. Some say that a good vitamin will improve your health.

You can buy vitamins for very little, or you can spend as much as a car payment on your monthly packs.

So, what do you do?

I’m not a doctor… for all I know, vitamins do nothing for you… and yet I take them. Maybe I’m crazy, but I do feel like I’m doing something or my health when I supplement, and that’s what they are, supplements. I don’t use them to replace nutrition and at some point my goal is to ease out of them, but for now….

Here’s what I do know….

I won’t waste my money on the cheap stuff.

I lean towards liquid capsules, because they absorb better, or powdered capsules, because of the same reason.  I know that I’ve read too many articles talking about undigested vitamins being in water treatment facilities… so I like to believe that a liquid concentrate or a powder will have an easier time absorbing.

Vitamins from trusted sources are the only option for me. I don’t need big fancy labels, I need the flash to be in research, labs etc, not in labels and branding.

Like I said… I am no doctor, and I honestly don’t know if vitamins work or not… but I’d rather go for quality and supplement the nutrients I may need, than rely wholly on food.

That being said, my goal is to ease out some of the supplements I am taking.

While I work on my health, I am supplementing where I see the need.

Some of the ‘needs’ are because I am working on gut health and trying to get my thyroid and liver on track, so the vitamins I take have a purpose. I’m not telling you what to take, just why I do what I do. Maybe it will help you in researching…. Maybe you will find a good answer to your ailments.

Don’t settle… don’t blindly take anything. Be educated and aware of your needs and reactions.

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