What Started this Health Inspiration Journey?

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I’ve been asked a few times, what started all of this? What’s the reason for the health inspiration?

I guess it’s not common knowledge that I actually started classes in Holistic Nutrition through Clayton College back in 2010, until the school temporarily closed and I lost all of my education investment. I have since taken another route in my education but, basically, this is not a new journey for me. My obsession with whole health has been LONG running.

But why so passionate now? Why did it take over my social media and all of my free time?

Why do I spend so much time on gut health, nutritional research and recipes, when I am also running a successful Real Estate Brokerage?

Kickstarting my health.

For myself, I spent a good amount of time stressing over work. I found myself needlessly “working” 24/7. I would dream of work, wake up checking on work, work through meals, worth through family time, work on the couch at night while we watched our shows… then, some days, I’d close my computer, only to take time off to shower, go to bed, checking in one last time before passing out.

And I’d do that 7 days a week…. and as of right now, I haven’t had any time off in 4 years, this July… so, it’s added up.


Here’s the short answer… I LOVE my work.  Ask anyone that knows me… I LOVE real estate. If ANYTHING real estate related comes up, I am prepared for a marathon conversation with anyone willing to give me their attention.

My husband would say that I needed a hobby.  Of course, all hobby related things would end up in real estate related things… I loved renovating chandeliers, helping others remodel their homes, renovating my own… It all lead to more business and real estate related activities.

If I wasn’t doing real estate work, I was reading books, blogs, forums or taking classes and getting designations.  In other words, real estate took over… I needed a hobby that wasn’t real estate adjacent.

Nutrition, just seems like a better hobby, and gets me out of my work space. And what better than great health to inspire the rest of your life.

The problem wasn’t that I felt overworked… the problem was that my body was overworked and I was ignoring it.  Without realizing it, I was stressing myself out, mentally and physically.  When I stepped back to look at myself and what I was doing, I noticed something very revealing.

I was owning everything, internally… If a buyer didn’t get accepted, I’d lose sleep. If one of my AGENTS buyers had a rough inspection, I’d lose sleep.  I couldn’t keep going at this pace, it was consuming me.

One day I noticed a tingle, almost numbness next to my left eye…. After a couple days, it felt like it was growing across my scalp, making my eye twitch as well.  Then started the itching, rashing, scaly skin.  I finally went to the doctor and was told that I had Shingles. I was told that stress, even stress that we don’t think we have, drains your energy, causing issues with your organs, your filter system, your hormones etc… and your body attacks itself.  The doctor said that my stress induced virus could cause me to lose sight in that eye, if I didn’t straighten up.

Way to go… nothing like a threat to your sight to really calm those nerves…

What was disappointing was… I know better! I just spent too much of the last decade putting ALL of my energy into real estate, that NONE of it went to my health.

I’ll fast forward through the next year or so…

First, I tried Prozac to ease the nerves… didn’t care for it. It made me have the shakes.

Then, I tried all kinds of herbs and natural stress relievers… didn’t work. I wasn’t making any of the other necessary changes to let it work.

I even tried the Shingles vaccine, which was harder to get than I ever would have expected, and the first dose almost killed me… no thanks.

Right at the THIRD round of shingles… Yeah… the THIRD time it creep up on me, I was DONE!

After that, I confided in one of my closest friends, “I don’t think I’m that stressed”, and she replied… “you know you say this every time, right?”

Do I? Do I honestly tell myself that I’m not stressed, when clearly, I’m so stressed that my body attacks itself?

At this third round, I needed natural answers… I didn’t want that damn $80 medication again.  I clearly needed to repair something inside me that wasn’t fit enough to ward off this virus.

More than the virus… it was life that really took me down.

When it comes to making you realize how finite and precious life is… nothing is more effective than having a loved one go from fine one day, to gone in less than a month… cause… cancer, stage 4… throughout the entire body.

But then to have it happen again, 2 months later, and another family member come down with a treatable cancer in between…

Life is just too short, guys.  And I don’t want to walk into the hospital one day, never to return home.  Sorry… but no real estate deal is worth that.

So, while I still love my job, and I’m still loudly and proudly vocal about my passion in real estate, I am working on my healthier hobby. Food.

Boy, do I love food…
Lasagna Pie

lasagna Pie: Click through for the recipe

Food can be our best friend, or worst enemy… I wanted it to be the best friend. I love the comfort of a delicious meal. I also love the idea of healing the body, using delicious food. Why not?!

Over the last decade, I allowed food to be my enemy, making me sick, weak and susceptible to inconveniences like Shingles and poorly processing stress… and sadly, the food wasn’t even that good! I’m not going to wish for a burger off the dollar menu, or a bag of fries with more than 20 ingredients when I’m lying in the hospital, riddled with cancer… no thanks.

I say, no more ‘getting through’ the next meal…. I want to enjoy them. I also want to feel good about them!

My goal is to create health and vitality through the foods that I eat, and to enjoy the journey along the way.

I’m not here to tell anyone what to do. I’m here to help myself and my family get healthy, and I hope that someone else feels inspired along the way.

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