Why Fermented Food

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You probably read all about creating a diverse microbiome in your system on this page. I describe the community of bacteria that we house and for the most part, the point of it is that we need good bacteria in order to fight off the bad. Right?

Probiotics is one way for us to add good bacteria to the community.

If you want the simple explanation… Prebiotics feed the bacteria. Probiotics add to the bacteria.

All of our foods have bacteria on them… I mean, you’re built of mostly bacteria, why would our food be any different?

When we ferment food, we encourage that healthy bacteria to grow on the food.  Creating a probiotic for your body to add to the community of bacteria that helps kill off viruses, feed your nerves, your organs etc, and strengthen your health.

Fermented food is one of the best things you can eat as part of your diverse eating habits.

Personally, I LOVE saurkraut… LOVE. But I love anything that will make your face pucker… the more tangy the better.

Here are a few other fermented foods that I love:

Yogurt (I use greek yogurt in place of sour cream)



Some pickles

Soy Sauce

Hot Sauce











Do you see why a charchuterie board can actually be healthy?

Here’s the problem… for the most part, we’ve taken these perfectly healthy foods, that were fermented and actually added to our diets… and we over processed them, or filled them with other crap that completely negated everything these foods did for us.

Thus… the reason I went organic.  Pesticides and antibiotics (obviously) that are in our foods will feed the bad bacteria in our body and kill off the good ones.

So, have the glass of wine, or cheese board with olives and salami… but stick with hormone free, antibiotic free, pesticide free… FEED the good bacteria in your gut and satisfy your cravings while you do it!

What to make your own? Check out this fermenting kit I bought.

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