Why Organic Beef?

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I was actually a vegetarian for almost a year. Most of that time, I was vegan.

I spent a couple weeks feeling great, and then I started having some delightful health effects… my hair was falling out, I was tired all the time… etc.

Blech…. I couldn’t do it.

I’ve also rounded it out with the heavy meat, low carb diets, for those that were worried I haven’t actually tried EVERY diet out there.

Ultimately, a well rounded, balanced diet is more my style. Meats… potatoes… As long as it has nutritional value, I’m considering it.

One of the first organic commitments I made was the meats we were eating.

Organic vegetables make sense to me because of the pesticides, sure… but when I realized how our bodies feed off of the nutrients in our food, the idea of all the hormones and antibiotics in the meat just disturbed me.

I started looking into the difference between the corn fed cows and the grass fed, organic…. (I specify because there’s a difference.)

First of all, most of the GMO crap is in corn. Anything that’s been genetically modified can just go ahead and stay way from me.  As well as anything that does nothing but eat the genetically modified crap.  I mean… Genetically Modified… does it require any more words?

Grass fed, at least they’re eating naturally fibrous food, meant to be eaten by cows.

To be fair, I also like the idea that the animals are roaming around, happily. Have you ever seen the cows that roam free, compared to the cows, stuck behind a fence, engorging on genetically modified junk? Their wine barrel shaped bodies say it all.

Have you ever felt the effects of stress? I have… it’s part of the reason I’m on this track. Your muscles tense up, stress hormones pumping through your body, the lactic acid invading the muscles. It made sense to me that the hormonal affects of a stressed out, trapped, lazy cows wouldn’t taste as good.

Then I read something that disturbed me… I don’t know if it’s true, maybe it was, maybe it still is, maybe it never was, but the idea of it was enough for me.

Antibiotics that prevent the cows from losing weight…. It made sense that a cow, that sells by the lb, might be given something to prevent them from losing that delicious square footage.

Like I said, maybe it’s not true… but it got me thinking about all the mysterious antibiotics and medications cows do receive. Understanding that our digestion occurs when our bodies bacteria feeds off the cells of our food… Well… it just makes sense that we just shouldn’t be ingesting all of that, am I wrong?

The bonus for eating organic, grass fed meat is that you also get more omega-3 in your diet than normal beef.  That one I check into more… Quite a few reputable sources back it up.

So, the choice is… a fat, lazy, stressed out, drugged out, cow that may or may not be passing on some questionable antibiotics, that may or may not be causing you to not lose weight… Or… a lean, muscular, happy, healthy cow that gives you more hearth and brain healthy nutrients.

This is a no brainer.

Finding the Organic stamp on beef is hard thought… but from what I’ve read, the beef that is hormone and antibiotic free, grass fed… is essentially the same.  I’m not sure why they don’t get the stamp, and to be fair… I’m satisfied with them not being treated with any fat retaining meds, so I’m good with this.

Plus… It’s just TASTIER!


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