I HATE exercising.  Well, technically I just hate cardio.

I’m all for exercise that makes me feel good and strong, while also making me feel like I’m not doing much.

Yeah, I’m the laziest exerciser ever!

I’ve forced myself onto ellipticals and treadmills. I’ve forced myself to do sit ups, the devils creation for sure.  I’ve done more squats and burpies in my life than I care too (although, I draw the line at ever doing another burpy for the rest of my life)…. I’ve joined gyms and fitness groups, and surprisingly, as lazy as I am… all of my very closest friends are fitness instructors. So, that’s weird, right?


I hate working out, I hate sweating, I hate fighting for my breathe… but I do enjoy the idea of feeling strong and being healthy.


I was enjoying the fresh air on my patio one day, thinking about how I should probably work out… but wouldn’t it be nicer if I could just sit here and enjoy the fresh air, while benefiting from it?

As I started to expand that thought, I was getting more and more curious… I mean, I’ve done yoga in the past. I’ve ‘tried’ meditating.  But I also know so many people that swear by it… not a one of them collecting as much mid section goo as I had. I figured, there must be something to it, so I decided to do a little research. The premise of such ‘easy’ movements went against everything my brain connected to strength. Exercise is miserable, hard, sweaty…. How can you possible get stronger when you’re laying there in corpse pose? (my favorite pose)


I decided, like everything else in my life, that I just needed to understand WHY it worked. I needed to understand the science behind it. I need to be able to understand why a twist, a stretch, an inversion… a whatever I’m doing in slow motion while breathing… works to strengthen muscles.

I needed to see that Yoga could actually make you strong and lean… aside from all the visible examples of strong and lean yoga’ers on instagram… I just honestly thought maybe a yoga lifestyle included a lot of kale and tofu, and I didn’t want to hop on that bandwagon.  I like real food.

I found this book that changed everything. A true, scientific look at why yoga works!

This book goes into the molecular, level and explains down to the nerve endings, why yoga works!

Since buying this book (well, and then reading it too), I have permanently given up my elliptical, my treadmill and my Pilates machine (although, I’m not getting rid of that one yet.)  I’ve even given up my consistent search for the next item on amazon that will help me lose weight. I have several things in my arsenal that help, but it all began with the yoga mat I already had, and the yoga pants that were already being worn. I’ve learned that everything I need to become strong, is my own body weight.

I’ll talk a little more about some of the other products that I have since invested in, and why… but if you just start with this one book, you’ll be on the right track!

I also want to say this…. Yoga is only part of my whole health renovation. My health issues centered around stress, and I knew that changing my diet would only do so much for me. Managing stress meant taking time for me, so at first, my practice was forced, short and sometimes REALLY lame! My commitment was to do a meditation and yoga practice every day… even if it was 10 minutes of sitting trying to clear my brain before giving up and doing a couple quick stretches and moving on.  I read once that the reason it’s called a ‘practice’ is because it’s just that… every time, for all time.  So, I let go of the idea of always having a great work out.  I make time for me, to sit in silence and even if there’s not much more than that… that’s enough.

I hope you enjoy your practice!


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